Some homeowners do not find the presence of spiders in their home to be a big issue. They’d tolerate the existence of spiders and would just gladly clean the webs whenever they find it. Unknown to them, however, some species of spiders are harmful. One bite of these spiders could bring about illnesses, and worse, could be fatal. With over 35,000 species around the world, and more than a thousand species found in Australia, how would you know which would pose a danger to your home or office building? Don’t take the risk. Leave it to pest control experts to take care of it safely and efficiently.

What You Need to Know about Spiders in Australia

Spiders are known to inhibit dark spaces or quiet areas where they are least likely to be disturbed. They start to proliferate during the end of summer or start of autumn, when they look to mate. Some spiders that are dangerous include:

  • Black House Spider
  • Northern Rivers Funnel Web Spider
  • Wolf Spiders
  • White-Tailed Spider
  • Australian Redbacks

The Norther Rivers Funnel Web Spider, also sometimes called the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, is the most dangerous in the world. They are venomous and quite aggressive. They must not be disturbed at any and all circumstances. The bite of Australian Redbacks can also be fatal to those who have a weak immune system, such as toddlers and senior citizens.

How High Performance Pest Control can Help

With decades of experience in pest control, High Performance Pest Control is capable of dealing with all types of pests including spiders. Right after your initial consultation, we will conduct an inspection of your home or office space and the extent of infestation. After that, we will recommend a treatment plan, taking into consideration the spider species that are present in it. Only when you agree with the plan would we go forward.

The best way to maintain a pest-free space is to make sure that it is regularly cleaned. However, we also understand that pests may exist no matter how consistent you are with keeping your home spotless. For this reason, we make sure that our pest control services are designed and formulated especially for your needs. Moreover, with High Performance, you can rest assured that our products are environment friendly.