If you are dealing with rats or mice in your home or building, then you should immediately contact High Performance Pest Control. Rodents can multiply in no time and can reproduce monthly. As such, the presence of a single rodent in your home could pose a bigger problem in a few months. What’s worse is that it is quite hard to catch these rodents, and unless you are an expert pest control yourself, it is best to leave the work to those who have experience in rodent control.

The Dangers of Having Rodents at Home

Unlike other pests, rodents are not keen on biting humans. However, the germs that they bring are dangerous and could be fatal for the younger ones. Rats are often fearless and can run around your house, leaving their hair, urine, and dropping lying around. In Australia, the most common rats are:

  • Roof Rat,
  • House Mouse, and
  • Norway Rat.

These rodents can cause food poisoning, and can bring about conditions such as bubonic plague, hanta virus infection, and leptospirosis.


How High Performance Pest Control can Help with Rodent Control

Many homeowners believe that they can stop rodents by simply poisoning them or by using a mouse trap. Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that, not to mention time-consuming and unsafe. This is why we highly recommend an effective pest control solution, so you can go on with your daily lives without having to worry about these pests and the safety of your family or employees.

Our team of pest control experts have handled hundreds of rat control jobs in Hunter Valley. We are synonymous to reliability when it comes to on-time and highly professional pest control services. If you are worried about budget, you’d be happy to know that High Performance Pest Control is able to customise its services so that they fit your needs and budget. Need more information? Contact us today for an initial consultation and to get an obligation-free quote! We cater to both residential and commercial areas.