There are a lot of species of flies — the most common of them are house flies. Hundreds of pathogens are associated with house flies, including E. coli, Salmonella and Shigella. These bacteria are the main causes of cholera, hepatitis, dysentery and typhoid fever among humans. Proper sanitation is critical to controlling these pests.

Common Signs of Fly Infestation

  • Regular sighting of flies – large number of flies buzzing around the house especially over refuse containers may indicate a serious fly infestation.
  • Maggots – these are flies in their larval or “baby” stage. If you see a lot of them around the house, it could mean that flies are breeding on your property. Maggots are often found in waste areas.
  • Cluster of pinhead-sized spots – these are often found in light fittings, wall surfaces and ceilings. Areas that are difficult to clean such as sub-floor cavities, broken drains and sinks are also worth checking out.

How to Keep Flies Away

  • Deny access – keep doors and windows closed
  • Reduce fly breeding sites – clean drains and do not leave standing water around the house.
  • Pets – feces are perfect breeding spots for flies. Worse, if they land there before landing on your food. Always clean up after your pets.
  • Cover food – flies spread diseases so keep them away from your food at all times.
  • Flyscreens – these are especially useful around the kitchen and waste areas.

High Performance Pest Control is the Best Solution

Are you dealing with fly infestation? While you can do something to mitigate the issue, the best and most effective solution is still to use a professional fly control service to completely remove flies from your home or business.

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