Fleas are common to households who have pets; however, you can still have fleas at home even when you do not have a pet of your own. Fleas could come from animals that are present in your neighbourhood or garden although not inside your own home. It may also be possible that the previous owner of your home left them behind. In any case, fleas transport fast from one person and place to another or from one animal to another. This is why it is highly recommend to seek the help of pest control experts to exterminate them.

What You Need to Know about Fleas

Measuring between 2mm to and 8mm, fleas are organisms that are so small that they do not appear visible to the naked eye. They have flat brown bodies which allow them to move quite quickly from one spot to another. So how then do you know if your home is infested with fleas?

If you or your pet is feeling itchy and uneasy and you do see the culprit, then there is a big chance that there are fleas around you. Fleas need to find a host because they require blood for survival, making your fury friends the ideal host for them. In Australia, the most common fleas are:

  • Human fleas
  • Cat fleas
  • Northern Rat fleas, and
  • Oriental fleas
Fleas - Pulex Irritans

Female fleas can release thousands of eggs, making it easy for them to multiply. The result is total discomfort to you and your pets, and in worse case scenarios, infections and skin diseases.

How High Performance Pest Control can Help with Fleas Control

Making sure that your home and garden is clean is one way to prevent the proliferation of fleas in your living spaces. However, to totally eradicate them, you will need the help of pest control experts who have dealt with these cases before. High Performance Pest Control considers the health and safety of our clients and their pets, and so we commit ourselves to using only products that are safe and effective. Ask us more about our treatment programs and let’s get rid of those fleas as soon as possible.