Cockroaches are apart of the Order Blattaria where most of the species are considered pests, many are beneficial as they help recycle organic material in the environment.  Roaches have six legs, two antennae and some species even have wings! A pest control expert’s worst nightmare, cockroaches are notorious for being extremely hard to get rid of in any household. This is in part due to their nocturnal nature, as much as their high reproductive rates.

Did You Know?

  • 5 females can produce upwards of 250million offspring in 12months!
  • Its rare for one to see more than one or two cockroaches at once during the day!

Due to their nocturnal patterns; cockroaches seen during the day mean they could have been forced out in the open due to overcrowding. This is a common sign of a possible infestation which we come deal with on a daily basis.

Cockroaches at What Cost?

Roaches are known as disease carrying insects, they can carry diseases like hepatitis. Protecting the health of you and your home is of utmost importance, let our pest control professionals help ensure the health of your home.


In commercial business (such as café’s and restaurants), the sight of cockroaches violates health regulations and could result in heavy fines for your business. Put your business first and let our experts provide preventative measures and solutions to ensure the reputation of your business.

Preventive Measures

Residents can follow the following to prevent cockroaches from infesting their homes:

  • Keep all kitchen work tops clean
  • Regular cleaning of your home, including hard to reach areas like under lounges and beds
  • Clear all food waste or spillage from your home

Below are some of our tips for Commercial Businesses:

  • Dispose of all rubbish into their assigned bins
  • Avoid leaving waste on the ground near bins
  • Keep all work spaces (cook tops, prep rooms etc.) clean after each use