The majority of Ant species prefer sunny climates, which unfortunately for us means we have to deal with these pests every day. Ants are foragers, and once they have found something to eat, they leave a chemical trail to that substance to allow for other ants to follow.

Did you Know?

  • Common ants can live up to seven years, and their queens can live for up to fifteen years.
  • Each ant colony can hold up to half a million ants.
  • If threatened, ants are able to move in large numbers at the flick of a switch, with the safety of the colonies’ queen as top priority.

Signs of Ant Infestation

  • Large amounts of ants inside the home
  • Lines of ants in and around your home or backyard

Ensuring ants from infesting your home is relatively simple in most cases. Preventative measures like sealing off possible entry points to home or keeping your kitchen clean and free of possible food sources are two great ways to stop ants from over-running your house.

Group of Ants

In many cases, common DIY measures for stopping ants are effective. Anti-Ant Gels and baits are often very effective in dealing with small ant infestations. For larger problems, these DIY treatments are often unsuccessful. If you are struggling with a large ant infestation, make sure to contact our pest control experts. Our employees can help solve any issue you are experiencing, as well as ongoing advice or solutions to prevent any further issues in the future!