Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I discover pests in my property?

Panicking is the most common and natural reaction of a person upon finding pests in his property. When you find yourself in this situation, best to contact a pest expert at once instead of trying to handle the situation by yourself, which may worsen it. High Performance Pest Control can promptly inspect your property and discuss to you what needs to be done.

What can I expect when I contact High Performance Pest Control?

Our approach in tackling pest problems is on a case-to-case basis. Our solutions are not mere application of pesticides. We conduct thorough inspection of the area for correct identification of the pest, accurate location of entry ways and harbours, and determination of suitable solutions. Before proceeding, we will first discuss to you our plan of action as everything we do is still subject to your approval.

What kind of pest control products do you use?

The products we use are environment-friendly and are guaranteed safe for people and pets. These products have been thoroughly tested and proven effective. We have carefully selected the products we use with quality and safety in mind.

Are your pest control methods safe?

We always consider the health and safety of our customers, pets included. The methods we use are designed to treat pest problems without adverse effects to people, pets, and the environment. Our application methods are suitable even for sensitive cases where children or people with asthma are involved.

What pest control services do you offer?

At the moment, we provide all the regular pest control and management services such as pest extermination of bed bugs, rodents, roaches, fleas, ants, and bird lice, termite pest inspection and treatment, and weed management. We intend to include building and pest reports next year.

Are your services available to commercial establishments?

High Performance Pest Control is an expert in pest control. Our services are available for both residential and commercial establishments.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of the treatment will vary depending on the magnitude of the pest problem you have and other factors. We can only estimate the duration after inspection and acquisition of all necessary details.

Do I need to leave the premises while you apply the treatment?

In most cases, leaving the premises is unnecessary. But we do not prevent customers from doing so if it will make then comfortable and give them peace of mind.

How do your services differ from other pest control companies?

Many pest control businesses employ a cookie-cutter approach and accomplish the job nonchalantly. Conversely, we recognise that every case has distinct needs, thus, demands a different line of attack. We customise the treatments we use depending on the environment and pest control needs of each case. Moreover, our team is quite enthusiastic about the work that we do. We don’t just spray pesticides or exterminate pests. We look at our work as a way of improving the lives of people and allowing them to enjoy life.   

Do you sell products for DIY pest control?

We do not retail pest control products nor recommend our customers to buy from local hardware stores. Using pesticides without strict monitoring and strong grasp of the treatment is risky and might endanger your health and safety.