Servicing Areas

High Performance Pest Control is a local business committed to helping families and property owners have healthy and safe environment. To say that pests are annoying is an understatement. We understand the anguish that pests bring to humans and properties, and thus, we made it our mission to provide quality and responsible pest management services.

Residential areas

As a family-owned business, we like families to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Such condition is impossible when pests enter the picture. Lucky for you, High Performance Pest Control is ready to handle pest problems in residential areas. The services we offer for homeowners include termite inspection, report, and treatment; extermination of general pests, roaches, rodents, fleas, ants, bed bugs, and bird lice; and weed spraying. The infestation of pests in every home is different. As such, we conduct thorough inspection of our customer’s home to enable us to identify the problem and implement appropriate solutions.    

Commercial enterprises

Our pest technicians are not only trained to manage pests in residences but in commercial establishments as well. Note that the requirements of pest management in a commercial building are different. That is why it is essential that you employ the services of a licensed and well-trained professional. Otherwise, it might cost you good money and everything you worked hard for.

High Performance Pest Control provides assessments, solutions, and preventive measures for any pest dilemma your business might have. With our intervention, you can prevent losses and maintain the productivity of your business.  

Areas of service

We serve the whole Hunter Valley region. If you live in the areas within the Hunter Valley then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. True to our company’s vision and mission, we will protect you from pests and from the problems they bring. Customers can expect nothing but the best from our team as our pest technicians are all licensed and trained with the latest pest control knowledge and techniques.

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